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To Whom It May Cencem,

I write today regarding eVangelistic wOrk that the Family Health and Education Resources ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will soon be conducting in your community, Student literature evangelists will soon be going door-to-door distributing free religious literature, praying With community members, enrolling interested individuals in 8ible Studies, and seeking donations to support the program.

The Literature evangelistic program of the Adventist Church has been in existence for well over 100 years and is an Important part of the Church’s missionary work and evangelism, As student literature evangelists they are following the Great Commission that Christ gave His followers in Matthew 28:18-20.

In order not to distUrb the community or be bothersome this program usUally runs from 10:00arn to 9:00pm, May 30 — August 8, 2021, Further, all our students carry identificatiOn recognizing them as pert of the Family Health and Education Resources Program, They also carry radios or cell phones to contact their onsite leader who can proVide ‘more information while in the field.

Some communities have ordinances governing door-to-door Sales, canvassing or solicitations. However, the Supreme Court has protected daor,to-deor advocacy based upon the free exercise and speech clauses of the First Amendment The Court has been particularly suspicious of any prior restraint on these activities such as requiring permit or registration process, If your city has an ordinance that it believes applies to our activities, I ask that you contact us as soon as possible so we an discuss this.

We believe our evangelistic activities fall squarely within the protected zone of the First Amendment Unless we hear differently, we do not plan on applying for any permit or registering prior to beginning our missionary work,

it is our dealre•to work with local communities to_avold any potential problems. We are happy to provide more specific information regarding the program if you desire.

We look forward to working in your community and With your office as neateSaty. pLEAsE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION TO YOUR LOCAL POLICE/SHERirp DEPARTMENT,